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Sharing your treasure hunt fun with friends? Grab an extra Scoopie! 
* Each ROXBOX Crystal Mining Bucket comes with 1x Scoopie - only add this item to your cart if you need extras!

The Scoopie is your crystal mining equipment, use it to dunk your treasure mix (sand and crystals/fossils) into water bit by bit. The sand and water will flow through the Scoopie, leaving your sparking treasures behind. 

You can also dry-mine if you like! Skip the water, the sand is so fine that flows straight through the holes in your Scoopie. Be sure to check your sand when you're done as there are small crystals that may be missed with this method. 

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  • 1. PREP

    Head outside with a bowl or bucket of water and your ROXBOX.

  • 2. HUNT

    Dig and sift with your Scoopie to find your treasure. Every scoop is a delight!

  • 3. LEARN

    Use the Treasure Map or QR code to identify and learn about your sparkly collection.

  • 4. RE-USE

    There are endless ways to play with & repurpose your crystals.


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