More than rocks in a box,
you're joining us on an educational adventure

Senior geologist Andrew Clark, and Founder Fiona Nagy with ROXBOX parcels

Hey there, I'm Fiona, the geologist behind ROXBOX.

Growing up, I was that kid watching National Geographic instead of cartoons. My Geologist dad encouraged my interest in rocks, oceans and everything in between.

Fast forward, 4 university degrees later, and I'm still hooked on learning!

ROXBOX started from this simple idea:
Share that buzz with everyone, especially kids. We're all about getting hands-on with science, and we're the only ones in Australasia doing this with real-deal crystal mining buckets.

So, that's us.
We're ROXBOX, and we're here to make learning fun!

The ROXBOX Difference

  • NZ owned and operated

  • 100% Genuine crystals

  • Guaranteed grins return policy

  • Hand-packed and checked to ensure quality and safety

  • Made by a real geologist

Our Promise


    We use washed, filtered and kiln-dried sand from New Zealand. Our buckets and Scoopies are made of food grade plastic/silicon.

    Our crystals are 100% genuine. Each crystal is checked for quality and safety. We do recommend that you supervise play and handle crystals with care as they are fragile and may shatter if dropped or knocked.


    We try to buy from local suppliers, and only those who who source from businesses that pay their staff fairly, and have systems in place to minimise their impact on the planet.


    Our buckets are curb-side recyclable. Wherever possible, stickers and labels are made with acid-free, FSC-certified paper and are 100% compostable and recyclable.

    We designed our buckets NOT to be a single-use toy. We encourage you to re-purpose your sand, crystals and buckets after hunting.


The very real story of how ROXBOX came to be

  • Fiona Nagy in corporate attire

    A Career Change

    Being made redundant from my corporate job in 2023 was scary, but it got me thinking! What did I want to do with my life? How could I combine my passion for the sciences with my experience in marketing and business?

  • Fiona Nagy and Dan Watson stand in front of ROXBOX crystal mining buckets

    A Vision & a Friend

    It had to be crystal mining buckets! What a perfect way to make learning fun for others - and to introduce NZ to a new concept! One evening I shared my vision with my friend Dan, who messaged me the following day saying 'it wasn't the beersie talking - I want to help bring this dream to life!'.

  • logo evolution and prototypes roxbox


    Among day jobs and freelancing, we got straight to work! I dreamed about nothing but logos, crystals and boxes for weeks. With my marketing background and Dan's illustration skills we made waves and launched ROXBOX in 3 months!

  • the workshop

    The Workshop

    Enter the workshop! Where the magic happens. It may not be fancy - but it's function over fashion you know? Still, we're gradually outgrowing this space and can't wait to move into a warehouse one day!

  • people at mission bay looking for sapphires and crystals at roxbox event

    Lift Off!

    We joined forces with the charity 'Gumboot Friday', and launched ROXBOX with a fundraiser/treasure hunt at Mission Bay in Auckland.

    We were blown away when 600+ mums, dads, aunties and children came along!

  • young girls happy with their roxbox crystal mining bucket


    Ok we're far from rich in the monetary sense. BUT, we do consider ourselves rich - because we're doing what we love and we're supported by amazing our community (that's you!).