ROXBOX Treasure Trove

Your ultimate guide to ROXBOX crystals and fossils.
  • Amethyst

    Look for a crystal ranging from light lavender to deep purple, often found in clusters

  • Selenite

    This is a translucent, white stone with fine, parallel lines across its surface

  • Geode

    Rough on the outside, geodes contain crystal-lined cavities

  • Druse

    Also known as druzy, these are sparkling crystals covering the surface of another rock

  • Obsidian

    A shiny, black volcanic glass. This one comes from a real volcano!

  • Tiger's Eye

    This stone is glossy with bands of yellow-brown or blue, resembling an eye

  • Aventurine

    Look for a green or blue crystal, with a shimmering or glistening effect

  • Rose Quartz

    A pale pink to rose-red crystal, often translucent and smooth

  • Clear Quartz

    Transparent and clear, this crystal can sometimes reflect rainbow colours in light

  • Calcite

    Soft, translucent often pale and waxy in appearance. This comes in a large range of colours from orange to blue!

  • Agate

    Recognize it by its polished surface showing layered bands of various colors

  • Sodalite

    Dark blue with white veins or patches, resembling the night sky

  • Labradorite

    A grey-base crystal that can show blues, greens, and other colours when turned

  • Leopard Jasper

    Spotted like a leopard, in shades of pink, brown, black, and white

  • Moss Agate

    Green mineral inclusions inside, giving the appearance of moss or trees

  • Pyrite

    Metallic and gold-colored, often called "Fool's Gold" for its deceptive look

  • zebra Jasper

    Striped like a zebra, usually in black and white patterns

  • Shark Tooth

    Fossilized teeth, triangular and sharp, from ancient sharks

  • Orthoceras

    Long, slender fossils of ancient marine animals, usually black and white

  • Mosasaur Tooth

    Pointed, conical fossil teeth from the prehistoric marine lizard, Mosasaur

  • Ammonite

    Spiral-shaped fossils with ribbed outer surfaces, from ancient sea creatures

  • Clam

    Fossilized shells of clams, can be whole or in halves, often showing internal layers

  • Goniatite

    Similar to ammonites but with more angular, sutured patterns on the spiral shell

  • Chevron Amethyst

    Deep purple amethyst and white quartz in a V-shaped pattern, giving it a banded appearance

  • ROXBOX treasure trove haematite


    Look for a metallic gray or black stone, heavy for its size, often polished to a mirror-like shine

  • ROXBOX treasure trove sapphire


    Sapphire is a precious gemstone that can come in blue, yellow, purple, orange, and green. Its hardness makes it durable

  • roxbox moonstone


    Known for its milky sheen, with a soft, watery opalescence like moonlight. Colors can range from colorless to blue, peach, and pink

  • roxbox citrine


    Transparent, pale yellow to brownish orange color, often associated with warmth and sunlight. It's known for its durability and vibrant hue.