Doing our part for

people & planet

Mining's tricky, but we do what we can to keep things green and ethical - teaming up with suppliers who get that. We're always learning and improving, making sure those sparkly treasures are something we can all feel good about.

We're all about doing right by the planet and the people on it.


Wherever possible we partner with NZ based suppliers and those who make ethical sourcing decisions.

Currently this includes our buckets, sand, printed materials, crystals - the lot! When you choose ROXBOX you're supporting multiple NZ businesses.

Fiona nagy stands next to a pile of roxbox crystal mining bucket orders


We opt for biodegradable shipping bags, recycled cardboard void-fill, and eco-packing tape.

The exception is where a certain material is needed in order to ensure deliverability of your package.

We don't make single use toys

We hate the idea of using a toy once and then throwing it out. That's why we've done a mountain of research and developed 50+ ways for you to 'think outside the box' and keep the fun going. From sand-dough, to crystal crafts, creative games and practicing mindfulness.

  • roxbox-crafty-crystal-ideas

    Crystal Crafts

    Explore creative ideas from wind chimes and picture frames to confetti crystal slime!

  • roxbox-climate-commitment. ways to use your bucket

    What to do with your bucket?!

    Our labels are designed to be removed easily. Turn your blank canvas into paint brush storage, seed starters, labelled toy boxes and more.


    Discovering treasures in your ROXBOX is just the beginning. Use the sand from your mining bucket, to enjoy more play.

  • roxbox-creative-play-ideas-crystals

    Crystal games for kids

    If 28 crafty ideas wasn't enough, here are 17 play ideas. Our customers tell us their kids create their own games too!