28 Ideas for re-using crystals from your ROXBOX mining bucket

Crystal mining is an exciting activity that not only provides children with a fun outdoor experience but also a chance to collect unique and beautiful crystals.

However, once the mining adventure is over, what can you do with all those crystals? In this post, we'll explore creative and fun ideas for re-using crystals from your ROXBOX mining bucket.

  • Crystal Wind Chimes: Use fishing line to string crystals together and create a beautiful wind chime that can be hung outside.

  • Crystal Mobile: Create a mobile by attaching crystals to a wire or string and hanging them from a wooden hoop.
  • Crystal Keychains: Attach a crystal to a keychain to create a unique and beautiful accessory.
  • Crystal Magnets: Glue a small magnet to the back of a crystal and use it to decorate your fridge or magnetic board.
  • Crystal Bookmarks: Use thin ribbon or string to create bookmarks with crystals attached to the ends.
  • Crystal Terrariums: Create a miniature garden inside a crystal by adding soil, moss, and small plants.
  • Crystal Sun Catchers: Hang crystals in a sunny window to create beautiful reflections and patterns.
  • Crystal Hair Accessories: Attach crystals to hair clips, headbands, or hair ties and create unique and beautiful hair accessories.
  • Crystal Christmas Ornaments: Use fishing line to hang crystals on your Christmas tree or create your own unique DIY ornaments.
  • Crystal Potpourri: Add small crystals to potpourri for a unique and beautiful scent experience.
  • Crystal Meditation Stones: Select larger crystals and use them as meditation stones to help with mindfulness and relaxation
  • Make a crystal-embellished hat: Use glue to attach your crystals to a hat, creating a unique accessory that sparkles in the sun.
  • Create a crystal-inspired art piece: Use your crystals as inspiration for a painting, drawing, or sculpture.
  • Make a crystal-adorned hair comb: Use wire or glue to attach your crystals to a hair comb to make it 'magical'.
  • Create a crystal-covered trinket box: Attach your favourite crystals to a trinket box (or use one per box to create handles on shoe box lids), creating a beautiful and sparkly storage solution.
  • Make a crystal-adorned mirror: Decorate a mirror with crystals, creating a stunning and reflective decoration for your home.
  • Create a crystal-covered vase: Use glue to cover a vase with your favourite crystals, creating a beautiful and unique way to display flowers. You could also make your own vase using air-drying clay and embed the crystals into it. 
  • Create a crystal-covered birdhouse: Cover a birdhouse with your crystals, creating a unique birdhouse decoration.
  • Create crystal slime: Add small crystals to homemade slime for a fun and sparkly sensory experience.
  • Make crystal mosaics: Glue your crystals to paper or cardboard to create unique and colourful mosaic artwork.
  • Create crystal garden markers: Use popsicle sticks and glue to create garden markers adorned with your crystals, helping your child identify and label their plants.
  • Make crystal wands: Attach a crystal (or many crystals!) to the end of a stick or dowel to create a magical wand for your child.
  • Create crystal-studded picture frames: Use foam picture frames and glue to create a dazling picture frame for your child's artwork.
  • Make crystal snow globes: Fill clear plastic jars with water, glitter, and your favourite crystals to create a unique and sparkly snow globe.
  • Display and label your collection on a shelf
  • Introduce your kids to mindfulness and meditation: Use the crystals to introduce your children to mindfulness and meditation. The benefits of meditation are well documented, and can help children to manage their emotions and stress. Check out this article on ways to introduce your children to meditation
  • Bath time treasure hunt: Make bath time fun by adding your crystals to a bubble bath and having your little ones 'rescue' them from under the sea foam. 

      There are so many creative and fun ways to reuse crystals from your ROXBOX mining bucket. From jewellery and accessories to home décor and bath products, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're looking to create a unique and beautiful craft or a special gift for someone, start reusing those crystals and enjoy the beauty and magic they bring to your life.

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