Crystal games for kids: Fun activities with your ROXBOX crystals

ROXBOX crystal mining kits are a fun and educational activity for children to explore the world of geology and science. But what can you do with the crystals once you've finished mining them? Here are 18 crystal games and activities that will keep your child entertained and engaged with their newfound treasures.

  • Crystal treasure hunt: Hide crystals around the house or garden and have the children search for them.
  • Crystal sorting game: Provide different types of crystals and ask children to sort them by color, shape, or size.
  • Crystal scavenger hunt: Create a scavenger hunt using clues that lead children to different crystals hidden around the house or garden.
  • Crystal storytelling game: Let each child pick a crystal and create a story around it, sharing their story with the group.
  • Crystal guess who: Give each child a crystal and have them ask yes or no questions to guess which crystal the other child has.
  • Crystal hot potato: Pass a crystal around while music plays, and whoever is holding the crystal when the music stops is out.
  • Crystal hopscotch: Draw a hopscotch board and use crystals instead of numbers.
  • Crystal relay race: Divide children into teams and have them race to transport crystals from one location to another.
  • Crystal freeze dance: Dance with crystals while music plays and freeze when the music stops.
  • Crystal obstacle course: Create an obstacle course using crystals as the obstacles that children have to navigate.
  • Crystal counting game: Give children a set amount of time to count how many crystals they can find in a designated area.
  • Crystal hopscotch relay: Have children hop through a hopscotch board and transport a crystal to the other side before the next child can start.
  • Crystal bowling: Use crystals as the pins and roll a ball to knock them down.
  • Crystal hot and cold: One child hides a crystal while the other children try to find it. The child who is hiding the crystal says "hot" when the other children get close and "cold" when they move away.
  • Crystal ring toss: Use crystals as the targets for a ring toss game.
  • Crystal drawing challenge: Have children draw pictures using the crystals as inspiration.
  • Crystal painting: Use water paint to paint faces on your crystal - like a pet rock. 
     These ideas will keep your child entertained and engaged with their crystals while also providing an educational opportunity to learn about geology and science. Try out these games and see which ones your child enjoys the most, or explore our other ideas for sensory play and or ways to re-use your ROXBOX crystals.