Create your own treasure hunt with crystals at the beach

Crystal mining kits for kids offer a thrilling adventure filled with excitement and educational value. But did you know that the fun doesn't have to end once the ROXBOX crystals have been discovered?

Parents can re-use these the gems to create captivating treasure hunts at home, the beach, or other locations, ensuring their kids get the most value from their purchase. 

At the beach:

Take your roxbox crystals to the beach and mark our a 'hunt zone' in the sand. Hide the crystals in the sand within the hunt zone, and let the kids run wild with their scoopies. Make sure you provide a bucket of water and a bowl for their treasure. This activity is sure to keep them entertained for a while as they are hunting for treasure in a bigger area! If you want it to take longer, simply increase the boundaries of your hunt zone! 

Note: While it's nice to keep the kids busy, make sure you have them in sight as they will be near the water!

The Home Treasure Hunt:

Transform your living space into a treasure-filled playground by hiding the crystals from the mining kit in various rooms. Create clues or a treasure map that leads your kids from one location to another, guiding them on an exciting quest to find the hidden gems. Encourage their problem-solving skills and curiosity as they navigate through the house, discovering the crystals one by one.

Nature Scavenger Hunt:

Immerse your children in the beauty of nature by organizing a crystal-themed scavenger hunt in a park or forest. Incorporate the crystals from the mining kit into the hunt by placing them in hidden spots along the trail. Craft clues that encourage exploration, observation, and appreciation of the environment. This activity allows kids to connect with nature while learning about different landscapes and ecosystems.

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